About Classes & Céilí Series

Jackson Irish Dancers - by Josh Haley
Our class schedule varies somewhat due to our céilí series schedule, performances, and other events. If you’re not already a “regular”, the best tip we can give you is to call our instructor, Caelin Hanna, at 601-397-4273, or email her at caelin.hanna@gmail.com, before you come to your first class. She’ll give you the updated schedule and can answer any questions. But here are answers to some FAQs:

When are they?  We are currently offering solo dance classes (with some ceili dancing instruction as well) on Tuesday evenings for children (ages 6 and up) and teens/adults on Tuesday evenings at Applause Dance Factory, at 242 Stephens Street in Ridgeland, MS. Check our Calendar page for details on these classes as well as informal instruction in a ceili setting! Adult set dancing classes are taught by our performance director, Catherine Bishop, MFA, TCRG, on an invitation-only/space-available-only basis.

How much?  Solo classes are $10 per person per class for children’s soft-shoe classes only; and $15 per person per class for children’s and teen/adult soft-shoe and hard-shoe classes; and note that you also will need to join JID to attend classes.  Your annual membership fee serves as a registration fee and supports all that we do.  An annual membership is $25 for a family (required if your dancer is under 18) or $15 for an individual.  Memberships start September 1 of each year, so if you join between March 1 and August 31, a membership is half price.  Membership forms are available at this link.

Who should come?  To join our classes, you don’t need to have any Irish dance experience, and you don’t need a partner.  We accept students starting at age 6, and our group includes all ages from 6 to none of your business.

Who is the teacher?  Our performance director and principal instructor is Catherine Bishop, MFA, TCRG.  The “TCRG” certification means that Catherine has been qualified based on a rigorous exam to teach traditional Irish solo and group dances by the Dublin-based Irish Dance Commission. She also has MFAs in dance (ballet and ethnochoreology, the anthropology of traditional Irish dance) from SMU and from the University of Limerick, Ireland, where she studied as a Fulbright scholar. Caelin Hanna, who is studying for her Irish dance teacher’s license, teaches our Tuesday evening classes. Caelin began studying Irish step dancing at the age of six. Since then she has trained and competed under various schools including not only JID but also the McTeggart School of Irish Dance in New Orleans and Maple Academy in the Washington, DC metro area. In 2010 Caelin qualified for and in 2011 competed in the North American Irish Dance Championships. Caelin began creating and teaching her own choreography in 1998, and has taught under the direction of various schools for six years. Caelin is a licensed professional counselor and has a private practice in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Other members of JID with teaching experience sometimes help out as well.  And, from time to time, we offer workshops or master classes with visiting instructors.

What can I expect?  As is traditional, Irish dance classes are taught using a kind of “one-room schoolhouse” model. You’ll join a class with dancers of all ages (age 6 to 12 in the kids’ classes; or ages 13 to adult in the teen/adult classes) and varying skill levels. Each student or group will work on material appropriate for their experience level during the course of the class, so you’ll get individual attention from the instructor as well as time to practice on your own. All dancers begin with soft-shoe dances and can progress to heavy-shoe dances as they gain experience. Classes mainly focus on solo dancing, but may also include group (céilí) dances depending on interest and the composition of the group. If you’re primarily interested in group dancing, however, the solo dancing will teach you footwork and some of basic choreography that is used in group dancing, so it’s a good place to begin either way. It’s a great workout, a fun way to meet some people you otherwise wouldn’t, and will also give you some background information about the rich history of Irish dancing.
Jackson Irish Dancers - by Josh Haley
What should I wear?  Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in, and clean, smooth-soled shoes (a ballet shoe, a smooth-soled lace-up, shoe, etc.).  Because street shoes can trap grit and pebbles that scratch the dance floor, you should have a pair that you dedicate to Irish dancing and carry in with you, rather than wearing them outside. Irish dancing is high-impact, so shoes with some support may help!  If you don’t have a smooth-soled shoe, a clean pair of sneakers or even just socks will work for a first class or two. If you decide you enjoy this, your instructor will give you information on where to buy ghillies (soft-soled Irish dance shoes for ladies) or pumps (men’s soft shoes) and, as you progress, heavy shoes (made with fiberglass or resin tips and heels that make noise; these are for more advanced dancing).

What to bring?  Bring your completed membership form (PDF), your membership fee (cash or check payable to Jackson Irish Dancers), a completed release form for each dancer (required by our insurance), and your fee per class.  Also, bring some water to drink if you wish. We look forward to seeing you!

What else?  Irish dancing is fun for all ages; and it’s also high-energy and high-impact. As with any new fitness activity, you are encouraged to check with your doctor before beginning if you have any special health concerns. We will request that you complete a release form before beginning.

More about the Mostly Monthly Céilí Series
Jackson Irish Dancers, together with Fenian’s Irish Pub and the Celtic Heritage Society, sponsors the Mostly Monthly Céilí series periodically throughout the year.

What’s a céilí?  Céilí (pronounced “KAY-lee”) is Irish Gaelic for “gathering”, but it usually means “gathering with dancing and music”. Our definition is that it’s good old-fashioned fun. Some months are crowded, raucous affairs, while others are quiet opportunities to learn some dancing in a relaxed setting. Sometimes our friendly local musicians join in to play live music or sing a song or three, and other times we get along with some CDs. Either way, we’ve never known a céilí not to be a great time!

What does it cost?  The Mostly Monthly Céilí series is FREE, thanks to the generosity of Fenian’s and their great staff.  We pass the hat for donations, which help support JID. The bar is open and Fenian’s provides a special céilí menu, so there’s music, food, drink, and dancing – all the important things in life!

Who should come?  Everyone!  If you play or sing traditional Irish music, you’re very welcome, as are all dancers, regardless of experience – we’ll walk through the dances before doing them – so bring the kids, grandma, your dancing shoes, your fiddle or whistle, and your favorite new tune, and come on out. These events are family-friendly and non-smoking, and although we encourage everyone to give it a try, you don’t have to dance – it’s also fun to watch!

When are the céilís?  From 2 pm to 5 pm, and usually the third Sunday of every third month; but the schedule varies – we’re not all that formal about much of anything. Check our Calendar page and http://www.fenianspub.com for more information, and come join us!.